Sharing timesheets

Last updated - Jun 02, 2020 at 2:55PM


TimeDock shared timesheet

Sharing the timesheet screen as read-only

Step 1: Log in to TimeDock and navigate to the timesheet screen.

Step 2: On the timesheet toolbar, click the 'link' button:

Share button for TimeDock timesheet

Step 3: Choose from the following settings:

Timesheet week:

  1. Static week
    Links to the currently selected week of the timesheet, regardless of the date accessed.
  2. Rolling week
    Links to the present-day week, regardless of the date accessed.

Weekly toggle:

  1. Do not allow weeks to be toggled
    Links only to the specific timesheet timeframe that was shared.
  2. Allow weeks to be toggled
    Lets the end-viewer navigate to any timesheet timeframe.

Step 4: Click 'Generate Link'.
Tip: Use a URL shortener such as for user-friendly links.

Sharing a timesheet for an individual employee


You can share a summary timesheet for an individual employee by first performing a search on the timesheet screen for the employee's unique payroll ID, enclosed with square brackets (i.e. [003]), then following the same process as above.

TimeDock shared timesheet