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Time clock system for SmartPayroll

Spend less time processing your employee payroll within SmartPayroll by live-streaming your TimeDock timesheets from your time clocks and mobile devices.

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SmartPayroll + TimeDock = Smarter payroll

Money in hand

Spend less money on employee wages

Increase the accuracy of your timesheets and job hours by up to 7%.


Spend less time processing payroll

Send your timesheets directly to SmartPayroll using their timesheet file format.

Online presence

Manage payroll from anywhere

Access employee hours in real-time, with WiFi Time Clocks and mobile time clock apps.

About TimeDock

Real-time access to timesheets and job hours from anywhere.

  • Get a real-time view of your timesheets.

  • Choose Hardware and App-based options.

  • Analyse productivity and job hours.

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About SmartPayroll

SmartPayroll is an easy-to-use online payroll system, based in New Zealand.

  • Smart Payroll makes it simple to pay employees and contractors and send reports to the IRD.

  • Run your pay, and then we’ll automatically make your payments to your Employees, IRD, Kiwisaver + More.

  • Feel confident that you’re calculating leave in compliance with the Holidays Act.

  • All the benefits of 24/7 anywhere access on any device with automatic updates taken care of.

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How TimeDock connects with SmartPayroll

TimeDock exports as a CSV time and attendance file, for a seamless experience when exporting your timesheets into SmartPayroll.

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Learn more about our storage and processing of personal data.

Here's some genuine feedback...

Good Honest Products

Good Honest Products

It’s great to have all your information available at your fingertips. It's very easy. -Dawn, Operations Manager.
Stoked Stainless

Stoked Stainless

This software allowed us to go digital with our timesheets. It saves having to fill in paper sheets, then enter that data weekly. Timedock takes care of that. Better still, it syncs into our payroll software. -Daniel, Director.
UML Traffic Direct

UML Traffic Direct

It’s perfect! Dave & especially Payroll enjoy it. Super simple for the Team. Most of all they are super happy about no paperwork anymore. -Jordan, Accounts & Administration.

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